Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hexbug Larva Micro Robotic Creatures Hands-On Review


The Hexbug Larva is most likely going to freak out anybody who is afraid of bugs, even though it's just made of plastic. But don't let its grossness get to you. This bug is very innovative and smart. In the front, the Larva has an infrared sensor to allow the Larva to see objects and walls while driving. On the bottom, there are two unusual wheels that each have two gaps in them. On the back there's a tail that is supposed to wiggle from side to side when the Larva is on the move. 


Those wheels surprisingly give the Larva a decent speed that's enough to keep it exciting. The tail really does move from side to side while the Larva is on the ground. What is phenomenal is that the sensors inside the Larva really do work! When they sense something in the way, the Larva automatically turns around. I know that people will be freaked out by the Larva when it's moving, because it looks a little weird to me even.
Because the Larva senses everything in its way, it's really good for small tables. If the Larva is about to fall off the edge, all you have to do is put your hand in front of it.


Why yes, there are actually a couple of downsides. In order to run, the Larva must have three 1.5V batteries, or the button kind. This battery isn't very common and you'd be better off ordering a whole bunch at Amazon. The battery life isn't that great either; you only get about two hours of continuous driving until the Larva won't even move anymore.


The Hexbug Larva may be gross, and it may not have the greatest battery life, but it's a fabulous and innovative toy that is totally worth buying. I only wish it didn't use such an uncommon type of battery. Overall, though, this is one of my favorite Hexbugs in the series. A winner for me!

Check out my full video review of the Hexbug Larva!


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