Saturday, November 9, 2013

Every Single Hexbug to Date

I don't know a lot of people who like Hexbugs more than me. I have a gigantic set of Hexbug Nano track. But there are many different types of Hexbugs, so I'll go over all of them so you get the basic idea of how they work.

The first and most common Hexbug is the Nano. The Nano is the smallest Hexbug, only a little more than an inch long, but it sure can move! The Nano has six legs on each side. It vibrates hundreds of times per second, not only making it fast and nimble, but also making it so the Nano is capable of bouncing off edges. The Nano is the only Hexbug that will go on the accessories and track that are available. All the other Hexbugs are too big.

Hexbug Nanos

The Crab is the second oldest Hexbug, and while it is the slowest, it's one of the coolest! Not only does it change direction after several seconds, it will stop and "hide" in shaded areas, just like a real crab! It also reacts to sound, so whenever you clap your hands, the Crab will change direction.

Hexbug Crabs

The Aquabot is my personal favorite Hexbug. It is the second smallest Hexbug. It's the only Hexbug that can swim, and is waterproof, which is awesome. But the best part of the Aquabot is that it will dive under the water and come back up to the surface! It can go down a good few feet.

Hexbug Aquabots

The Larva is, without a doubt, the creepiest Hexbug, but the way it works is amazing. The whole body wiggles back and forth on just two tiny wheels. The tail moves from side-to-side, which looks really cool. The best part about the Larva is that it has a sensor in the front that senses walls and objects. The Larva will turn to avoid that obstacle a few inches away! It also turns different amounts every time it senses objects.

Hexbug Larvaes

The Scarab is also very creepy because it looks like a spider, but it's very interesting. Its legs move 1,200 times per minute (it's really true), and instead of using complex sensors, the Scarab uses its physical abilities as a decoy. Whenever its legs touch a wall, they're moving so fast that it just bounces off of it. The Scarab can also flip itself over when it's upside down!

Hexbug Scarabs

The Original Hexbug has antennas on the front so that whenever it touches a wall, it will spin around halfway and keep going. Its legs move awkwardly, but it's sort of fascinating. It also will spin around half way if you clap your hands!

Original Hexbugs

The Ant is the fastest Hexbug, racing at about two times the speed of the Scarab. It has antenna sensors in the front, but it also has sensors in the rear for when the Ant is going backwards! (It goes backwards whenever it senses something in the front, and vise-versa.) The wheels are just a huge blur when the crazy thing is on.

Hexbug Ants

The Spider is remote-controlled. It can pull off 360-degree spins!

Hexbug RC Spiders

The Inchworm is also radio-controlled. It can also pull off 360-degree spins!

Hexbug RC Inchworm

The Hexbug Warriors are awesome battling Hexbugs that slam into each other, trying to knock out one another. There are four different colors available, each with all very different designs. They're the weirdest looking Hexbugs of all!

Hexbug Warriors

The most interesting Hexbug to date is The Nano V2! Okay, maybe it has a weird name, but it makes that up in its performance! Not only does it do everything the original Nano does, it defies gravity. Literally. The Nano V2 will climb up and down tubes! Somehow it looks onto tubes and sticks to them while it climbs up and down. There's even a Black Hole set where the V2's free-fall into a black hole! It's one of the coolest Hexbugs to date, and obviously the most fascinating as well!

Hexbug Nano V2s

And that is every single Hexbug to date.